Ever held your feet in ice cold water, and it actually felt like they’re burning?

I'm Sabina,

You can call me a graphic designer, illustrator, artist, storyteller, idea genius, professional ‘dance-like-nobody’s-watching’ choreographer and all in between.

After 11 years of dealing with this creative thing, I learned something. If you’re looking for those rainbows and butterflies, you really have to learn to love standing in the rain, because it’s gonna rain most times if you wanna see a rainbow. But if it does rain, flowers will grow and those butterflies will come join as well.

So, metaphysical metaphor aside, my ‘talent’ isn’t magical unicorn stardust of creative ability. Though I wish it were. It’s more like: not-giving-up-ability. I’m good at not being good, but I always go and do something about it. Whether it’s a brand, some painting, a book, baking some cookies (made my oven explode once, tho..), a british accent (still workin on it), or you know...just about anything. The good thing when everything’s messed up is: you learn to be creative. And I messed up. Quite a lot.

Which Disney princess are you?

If you survived all the clickbait, I just wanted to let you know that every once a month, on a crescent moon,  when the planets are aligned, and the and the time is just right, I send out a wallpaper with an inspiring message to brighten up your day.

I also send a blog with another one of those metaphysical rants, every Sunday.

Sounds cool?