Sabina, you’re not expected to know everything now, nor save the world. But you have to change your attitude. Be open to learn.

You can’t know the outcome now, but be humble enough to learn from those around you, from what’s happening to you.

You’re looking at your life, feeling guilty that you have things many would dream of. You have a job, savings, food, shelter, access to electricity and you’re healthy. But instead of feeling guilty…use them all! Work with what you’re given. If you have these things, it’s for a reason: it’s your responsibility to use them, it’s what you chose and earned a long time before you were born as Sabina.

Not everyone will have the same life, nor want the same life as you want. We’re all different. And somebody’s blessing might be somebody else’s curse.

You don’t need to save the world. You don’t need to look for a detailed vision of how the world would be. You know why? Because you live on earth. And this means everything you do is a process. And a process means you work your way to do and get things.

A vision of the perfect world? You might get glimpses, but the whole image will always change. Humans change, the world is alive, always on the move, always changing. A fix image of the future won’t help you. You need to move your way through life.

Remember how you paint? You have an idea, then you’re bold enough to start it, and then you realize that what you came up with is not what you wanted in the first place, but it’s something you can be even more proud of. Enjoy your process, it’s the only thing there is. You just do things and walk and climb your way step by step. There’s no finish line.

“But I’m afraid. I’m afraid I might not do the right thing.”

Yeah, most probably you won’t do the right thing. So what? Fear won’t help you in any case. Be courageous and act. You’ll learn. I know you’re eager to learn and you wanna do the best thing. You really do. So keep this attitude and start walking. Don’t be afraid of falling. If you fail, so what? It’s ok, you’ll get up. I mean really…

With love,

Your consciousness

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