You’re an artist!

You’re an artist! – even if you like it or not

Is being an artist such a fancy thing?

You and I are both artists, I only hold a brush in my hand from time to time.

But when you talk, when you smile, when you laugh, when you cry, when you just decide to try, when you love, when you give, when you’re honest, when, then you make art! Your day is the piece of art, and your life..the masterpiece.

Every morning we get a brand new white canvas.

And every second we add new brush strokes to that never ending canvas.

Sometimes the paint drops on your work and you think it’s all ruined

Sometimes it doesn’t turn out how you imagined (oh boy, and how many times!)

Sometimes, it just doesn’t work, and you want to give up

But every single time you continue! That line you dropped by mistake just happens to be what you needed.

Is the picture really ruined..or it’s just you can’t see how that could do you good?

It won’t always turn out how you imagine. That would be boring.

The magic happens when you see it turned out better than you could possibly imagine.

You’ll have to wait so the paint will dry,

You’ll have to drop out some of your old ideas

You’ll have to make a step back and look at the bigger picture

Just don’t get lost in the details

Impossibility really is an attitude.