Perfectionism kills

This week I received my tote bag samples from the manufacturers. What was pure joy when I first opened the package, ended up being agony in a few days. The quality was even better than I expected, so I was very very happy. I liked the sun better than the moon, as I now saw […]Continue reading

How do you find your passion if you have no special talent?

I didn’t speak much when I was little. I mean, everyone knew me as ‘ the girl who draws’, because I’d spend all the time drawing princesses for them. But tbh, I did it because, you know…nobody actually spoke to me and I didn’t know what else to do. And sometimes, that’s good enough. I […]Continue reading

How I got my creativity back

You know, it all clears out when you actually start doing it. I was feeling quite low because I was writing a text about what I do and why I do it. I wrote a little something. It took me 30 minutes and I was ‘pleased with it’. But then I had that feeling, something’s […]Continue reading

Insecurities are good

It’s been a ride full of punches in the face this week, but I won’t give up. It’s a bit like…when you’re trying to do something different…everything goes against you. But you know what happens? When you keep going, you start to understand that voice inside that guides you. I was working on a design […]Continue reading

How do you know if you should quit your job?

I actually quit my job this week. Can you believe it? I’ve been working like mad for two and a half years…waitress, chef, teacher, designer, cleaner…arghh. So much. All this along being a full time student…it’s quite scary. But you know what’s even more scary? Not having a job. I quit not because I didn’t […]Continue reading

How I almost got fired

My first real job was being a waitress. After the first three days, the manager told me that I was walking ‘like a ghost’ through the tables, and my energy was disturbing the place. I felt so awkward and bad that I started crying. As I was working so much at uni, I was tired, […]Continue reading

It doesn’t make sense, until you live it

I got some client work out of the blue. I was fighting with the thoughts about the future, and here I am faced with reality, no longer with my thoughts…When people say you should think less…that’s because thinking really is not the same as doing. I mean really…how many times do I have to realise […]Continue reading

I got it

You know when you hear some things all over and over again, but it comes a time when you hear it once more, and suddenly it sounds different. It’s all so clear, so new, like you never heard it before. These past weeks I’ve been feeling so low I could barely get up from my […]Continue reading

A letter from my consciousness

Sabina, you’re not expected to know everything now, nor save the world. But you have to change your attitude. Be open to learn. You can’t know the outcome now, but be humble enough to learn from those around you, from what’s happening to you. You’re looking at your life, feeling guilty that you have things […]Continue reading

The grass is greener

It’s been a week spent in my head. Yes, I am supposed to do more and think less. But I feel many times like I don’t have something to go towards to, when all that’s a head of me is so uncertain. Every single day that passes keeps reminding me: you’ll finish school sooner than […]Continue reading