My first real job was being a waitress. After the first three days, the manager told me that I was walking ‘like a ghost’ through the tables, and my energy was disturbing the place. I felt so awkward and bad that I started crying. As I was working so much at uni, I was tired, overworked, and they wanted me to have a smile on my face and lots of energy? Then the manager told me ‘I don’t care if your cat dies and you’re sad, you must come here and smile, it’s your job, otherwise, you can leave.’

I thought he was mean, but I actually learned a lot that day. When you commit to a job, it doesn’t matter how hard your life may seem to you…you must do your job every day. What if the bus driver would say: ‘I’m having a crisis, I can’t drive this bus anymore.’ Or the doctor: ‘I’m so upset, how can I treat people now’. No. Then what gives me the right to say: ‘I’m not in the mood, I can’t create something today?’.

I’m going to make something no matter how I feel, no matter how many blows I get. It’s my job and I won’t leave it aside just because of a ‘bad day’. And you know what? By doing your job properly you start to heal yourself, you understand that it’s not all about you and your problems. It’s about serving others. It’s about what you make of what comes to you, not about what comes to you. And then magically, all that moodiness disappears!

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