You know, it all clears out when you actually start doing it. I was feeling quite low because I was writing a text about what I do and why I do it. I wrote a little something. It took me 30 minutes and I was ‘pleased with it’. But then I had that feeling, something’s wrong. That feeling of: it’s ok, but not right. It haunted me all day. And then comes the thought: “well, exactly…why do you do anything, there’s no point in you doing anything – you don’t have -the right motivation-“. And that dragged me down, and I couldn’t do anything for quite a while until I said: enough!

I went back to my file and started writing. Anything. I wrote all the crappy and boring stuff I could think of. But you know what happened? When you write all those ideas you don’t actually like, at one point you run out of them! I know it’s crap, but you need a mental detox if you want to get rid of that crap. And the detox is – just let it out so you can look at it. Let it out in some sort of physical form. It needs to go out, so that you have room for the good stuff to come.

So whatever ideas you have. Put them on paper, or in any physical form. Make some sort of draft. Stay with that draft until you feel better about whatever you’re trying to create. That can take hours or minutes, or days..or who knows. You don’t like what you’re coming up with? Well, ask yourself why and you’re one step closer.

So get yourself a some paper and a pen, or open up a document and start pouring out your ideas. And pour lots of bad ones, pour as many bad ones as you can. It will feel so relieving.

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