You know when you hear some things all over and over again, but it comes a time when you hear it once more, and suddenly it sounds different. It’s all so clear, so new, like you never heard it before.

These past weeks I’ve been feeling so low I could barely get up from my bed. And you know why? Because of hopes and dreams. They all say you should follow your dream, and you should. But what happens when it haunts you and you can’t even sleep. When you start caring less about yourself, you stop washing the dishes, leave all your clothes everywhere, and shower is a distant memory from times long forgotten.

That’s how I felt because I kept watching other people’s dreams and lives and I started to think: what is the right path for me? How can somebody in the woods find happiness? Is that environment magical? Does it make a person happy? If so, how come there are so many that simply dislike it and would do anything to get out…like it happened in the past years with urbanisation. Do people find happiness in their city life? Some do. There’s so much contradiction. Everyone points to happiness: “It’s here! No wait, it’s over here! Oh no, don’t listen to those, it’s over here.”

You know why the person in the woods seems to have it all? It’s probably because the woods don’t judge them like the city does. The woods don’t tell them they’re not pretty or cool enough. The woods simply ‘are’. And from the woods one simply learns to be. And nothing stops you to realise this wherever you are.

It then clicked that…actually, it’s not the things that make people happy. It’s people that make happiness, through themselves. The things they have, or places they inhabit are just an extension of themselves…yet it’s their own self that has the first and last say for their happiness. But expecting happiness from without has to give you sorrow in the end. Hoping for your dreams to happen? Yeah, make them happen, if they are good for you and those around you then fight for them. But if you sacrifice your inner peace, and of those around you then there’s no point.

There’s no need to ‘dream big’ as if only that would bring you what you are longing for. You just need to live life, and give it your best shot. It doesn’t mean you limit yourself, but you just stop clinging to things or people, and start working from an unassuming you – just like a child lives their life.

It is all about your work, and what you aim to focus on in your life. Do you want to use people for your own gain? Or do you want to help with the progress and health of humanity’s psyche and environment.

It all starts from within.

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